Invitation in KSD Network
Ladies and gentlemen!

We invite you to become Representative of KSD Network in your city.

Our Network is built on single rules, tariffs net, technology of work and exclusive relations of partners. Advantage of Network KSD - in legal independence of every Representative and in hard obligations before each other for achieving one purpose - high-quality courier's service of customers.

If you are ready to expansion of the business, heavy responsible work and observance of regulation of CDS Network - we guarantee you a permanent profit, legal and publicity support, exclusive services by you territories of your city.

Required minimum from you
- to have an artificial person, clearing account, seal, experience of handing over of the billing control,
- to use an e-mail, by the internet and mobile connection,
- to have an office for adopt clients,
- a little to know about the future competitors in your city,
- to send your answers to the questions of questionnaires

With regards, Co-ordinator of KSD Network

We offer to you to answer questions and send
answers to address indicated below

1. Name of your city
2. Name of your organization
3. Your the last name and first name, age
4. Your status or position is in your organization
5. Address of location of your office
6. Your information for connection: e-mail, city telephone, cell, number of ICQ, web-page
7. Your basic type of today's activity, your specialization
8.What hardwares you have in an order (computer, fax, auto, ...)
9. Are you ready to resist your competitors in your city and know who and as?
10. Describe an office apartment in which you can plan a reception and service of customers
11. How far your office is located from an auto stations, railroad stations, from the center of city, from the stops of transport
12. What amount of the permanent designed employees you dispose in your organization
13. Whether you will be able to choose one employee accountable for courier's direction
14. Your opinion is which about the market of services of couriers's in city where you live and on the whole on a country
15. What you can be independently useful KSD Network in advancement of services of couriers's
16. What from new directions you can suggest to open in KSD Network and assume his management
17. How many years are you in business

 Address for the dispatch of questionnaire:




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