Payment of services: made a sender, recipient or 3th person:
Cash (to the courier or in office)
Non-cash transaction (by agreement)
Non-cash transaction (on a commitment letter)
You can get the forms of agreement and commitment letter for an attendant you courier or in the KSD office.

Limits on sending: not accepted in delivery: weapon, explosion-danger, chemical, narcotic and similar by him matters, liquids, butters, assets of monies and currencies, valuables, glass, fragile objects. Reception and delivery on BK1 carried out a category only within the limits of administrative city boundaries. Maximal weight of sending - equal 20 kg, and maximum sizes is:
the sum of all lengths of sides less than 1.8 m
sum two any sides less than 1 m
In the case of exceeding of maximum sizes and/or weight of sending:
а) a tariff can determined on by volume weight of sending
б) a tariff, category and term of delivery, make a reservation with KSD manager.
Sending of BK1, SITST2, и OFT3 over 20 kg are delivered without additional charges

1 Biznes-klass
2 Strictly-in-the-specified-time
3 Off-time


Ekonom Klass (EK) : Receive mail in delivery and its handing is made only in the office of Operator and only in working hours. Services of courier are excluded.

Biznes Klass (BK): Receive mail to address of Sender and its delivery Recipient is made a courier.

Ekomon Biznes (EB) : Mail gives in the CDS office on the category of EkonomKlass, and delivered in city on the category of BiznesKlass.

Biznes Ekonom (BE) : Receive Mail to address of Sender on the category of BiznesKlass and its handing in the office of Operator on the category of EkonomKlass.

Off-time (OFT): Receive Mail in delivery from Sender and/or its handing Recipient is made a courier in non-working time.

Strictly personally in hands (SPIH): Mail is handed a courier only to the strictly indicated Recipient with verification of document, and returns back, if it is impossible.

Strictly in the specified time (SITST): Mail is handed Recipient a courier in the strictly indicated time, plus minus 10-15 mines.

Payment Recipient (PR) : Services in delivering Mail are paid by Recipient or third person, having Agreement with Operator.


In-Out (IO): At handing of Mail Recipient a courier simultaneously takes over him meeting Mail for delivery to reverse address.


Till claiming (TC) : Mail is delivered a courier and handed Recipient after his order about an arranging him address and time of delivery.


Instruction: It is implementation of additional services, given by arrangment with Operator.


With an evaluation cost: The sum of the stated evaluation value of mail is compensated in the case of its elimination (losses). A maximal sum of estimation is 1800 UAH.


With an inventory: At a reception and handing of Mail its internal content is collated with an inventory, made in 4th copies.



Перед отправкой заказа выполните арифметическое действие:

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